Italian Conversation

Italian Conversation

This class will restart on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 

Sheilagh Wilson teaches the Italian Conversation class and has studied Italian at Glasgow and Strathclyde universities. She has also studied in Florence and holds university level qualifications in Italian Language, and Teaching Adults. She has travelled extensively in Italy and loves all things Italian. She enjoys sharing this knowledge with her students.

The class is informal and held in English and Italian with the minimum amount of grammar to allow learners to speak Italian. The emphasis is on communication and we do this through pair and group work, planning projects together in Italian e.g. eating out and travel in Italy, reading a post-beginners’ Italian mystery novel, listening to CDs and watching DVDs featuring Italian native speakers. Sheilagh provides handouts detailing the topics dealt with each week.

This class is a conversation class and students must have some knowledge of Italian. Nobody is put on the spot and usually new students quickly relax and join in. The existing class members are really friendly and make newcomers feel really welcome.

You can contact Sheilagh on 01560 484397 or via email at

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